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Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories

Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories was founded in 1997, with the goal of producing organic based, high quality products for hair and skin care.



Founded in 1997, AEPC Laboratories (Amalgamated Euro Products Corporation) has been producing high quality and natural-based cosmetic products to satisfy customer’s needs for hair & skin care.
Zardband Pharmaceuticals is a knowledge-based company founded in 1993 with the goal of producing and supplying medicinal herbs through valid international resources and seeds of different species.
In 2015, Inlay cosmetics was produced and introduced to the market by Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories, with the belief in natural beauty of Persian women. We hope to increase customer satisfaction rate by continuous efforts.
DermaClean is one of the newest brands of Tabiat Zendeh, which was introduced to the market in 2018 with the motto:"New style of cleanliness". Its goal is to produce detergents made from a variety of extracts and organic oils.
In 2011, Supplusmeds was introduced to the market by Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories with the goal of producing food supplements, made from the purest and the most high quality materials, including vitamins and medicinal herbs.


As medicinal herbs and materials derived from nature are Tabiat Zendeh's core competencies, we have always tried to be innovative in the production of high quality products to satisfy consumers needs, and continuous improvement has been a priority for us.
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  • Cinere, science of nature
    “Get to know our brands.“

    Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories introduced its products to the market under the name "Cinere" and with recruiting specialists and continuous efforts, we were awarded the best brand of the year in 2009. For the time being, Cinere is endorsed by doctors and specialists and at domestic and international scientific summits, including British Association of Dermatologists.

  • Inlay, natural beauty
    “Get to know our brands.“

    I am a modern persian woman, prestigious and elegant, I want my facial make up to reveal my inner beauty. Inlay is my choice with a collection of beautiful colors. High quality, reliable and always accessible products. Inlay, natural beauty !

  • Zardband, food supplements and herbal medicines
    “Get to know our brands.“

    In the beginning, this company acquired seeds of different species and medicinal herbs from reliable international resources, and tried to propagate and adapt them to the country’s climate, in order to achieve the highest performance. Alongside with that, researches had been made in the field of herbal processing and extraction optimum methods. Because the early stages of the company’s activities had been placed in the Zardband village, located in 20 km northeast of Tehran, the company was named after the village.

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